Turn to Our Septic System Service When You Need Reliable System Repairs

When it comes to septic system repair, cleaning, and maintenance in Dos Palos, CA, many people instantly think of our company. Why is that? Because we have a decades-long tradition of meeting the requests of our clients and caring for their septic systems with a septic system service that is affordable, timely, and always there when you need it. Since 1948, Bonds & Sons Septic Tank Pumping and Septic System Repair’s septic system repairs have been keeping properties safe from trouble, and below you can read more about the kind of trouble our repair service can help you solve.

The most common repairs our septic system service can assist you with are:

Tree root damage — Tree roots can cause significant problems as water from the ground can get into the tank, and there is the danger of the nasty stuff inside the tank leaking out. As amazing as trees are, their roots can sometimes be the root of the problem themselves. Such a problem will not only stop your system from functioning, it will create a horrible mess around the location of the system.

Ground movement — The ground around your septic tank can sometimes shift slightly, without you even noticing it. This puts a lot of pressure on the tank, and it can cause fractures or cracks to appear in the walls.

Collapsed baffle — Do not be baffled, in terms of septic systems the baffle is the barrier that stops lumpy waste from escaping into the soakaway system. If that lumpy stuff enters the soakaway system, it will cause blockages. That waste can find its way back up through the system and into your home, or it can work its way up to ground level, and that is never pretty.

Hydrostatic pressure — it is hard to imagine that the volume of water underneath the ground can be so high that it can put a huge amount of pressure on a septic tank. But it can. And when it does, you need to call a specialized provider asap.

So, if you would like to learn more about Bonds & Sons Septic Tank Pumping and Septic System Repair’s septic system service and the repairs we do, just contact us. We have our business base in Dos Palos, CA, and we are ready to serve. Call (209) 392-3568 today!