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Is your septic tank in need of a repair or it is full and it needs some pumping service? Maybe it is damaged because of some reason and it needs to be repaired? You need a service provider to take care of that. Have no fear, Bonds & Sons Septic Tank Pumping and Septic System Repair is here. Located in Dos Palos, CA, we can treat your septic system the right way.

What We Do

We are septic system service providers specializing in providing quality and reliable pumping services. We can also repair any septic tank in the most efficient way, making your life a bit easier. Pumping is something that most people can’t by themselves, and that is why our company exists. Providing septic pumping the right way, we can treat any property’s septic system with the quality needed. When you hire us, you can take advantage of a number of benefits. Here is when you will need us.

Septic system service

Why And When You Can Contact Us

Septic systems are often forgotten because of our fast-paced lives. All organic waste goes to septic tanks, and when they are full, you must definitely contact us. It’s a way to treat your home or business building right. This is a problem that should never be forgotten by commercial and residential owners. Also, if your tank is damaged, you can’t just repair it on your own. It takes time and knowledge. That is why our company exists, to plumbing jobs for people who can’t do them on their own.

How We Do It

For every repair, pumping or septic tank cleaning, we only use quality cleaning equipment and the right methods. That is something very important to get the job done quickly. Not only that, we will do it with care and dedication.

What are you still waiting for? Contact Bonds & Sons Septic Tank Pumping and Septic System Repair if you are anywhere in Dos Palos, CA or the other areas we serve and need septic system repair, cleaning, or pumping services.

Client’s Testimonial

Thank you for the service!

The septic tank of my property was full and I didn’t know what to do! I contacted this company and they helped me a lot with everything! Thanks.

Bonds & Sons Septic Tank Pumping and Septic System Repair
Address: 2658 Marguerite Street Dos Palos, CA 93620
Phone: (209) 392-3568

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