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Bonds & Sons Septic Tank Pumping and Septic System Repair is a septic system service provider, serving Dos Palos, CA and all surrounding areas. For more information about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us today or visit our website!

Top 5 Areas We Serve

– South Dos Palos, CA;

– Brito, CA;

– Dos Palos Y, CA;

– Santa Rita Park, CA;

– Oro Loma, CA

If you live a fast-paced life, it’s difficult to remember that a very important part of a property is its septic tank.You must never ignore cleaning it because it’s an essential aspect of taking proper care of a home, and the best thing you can do is contact a service provider. Septic tanks are made for removing the solid waste from water that is disposed of in toilets. We can help you with all the cleaning, providing a septic plumbing service that is on point, using the most advanced equipment that can remove every piece of waste from your septic system. We are affordable as well, making sure you don’t have to spend a lot of money on our service. You should never forget about this part of the maintenance of your home, because things can get worse if you do. Do not hesitate to call us now!

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Services List

  • Pumping Service
  • Tank Cleaning Service
  • Septic Repair Service